Patience Williams


This year in March I moved to the Netherlands from New Jersey, USA. When Fulbright offered me a scholarship to teach at the Breda University of applied sciences, I began to look for a home for the period of my appointment. Unfortunately, the period was shortened to six months instead of ten due to the pandemic, and it is difficult to find a home for such a short amount of time. However, I was lucky that I was referred to Marga by a predecessor. We exchanged emails and we had some video chats. After I put my trust in her to find a solution, she managed it within three weeks! She combined the need of another tenant that went back to his home country due to the pandemic and wanted to sub-rent his studio. That’s how Marga thinks; she finds the best solution and combines the needs and wants of all her customers. Besides finding me a home, she also made me feel welcome in these extraordinary times. She checked in on me several times and added me to her expads -WhatsApp group, what turned out to be very helpful.

Three words: Caring Honest Trustworthy